You are tasked with hunting down the dinosaurs and ensuring that they don’t threaten the safety and security of the population. They will reward you handsomely if you do so.

Jurassic Jackpot is a Microgaming video slot based on a retro-style slot machine. This game will not deliver complicated gameplay or an abundance of bonus features. It is much simpler and fun to play. Of course, there are also big prizes at stake.

Let’s jump into Jurassic Jackpot and see your options to win the jackpot.

Discover the giant Lizards. Jurassic Jackpot takes place in a world of dinosaurs roaming the earth freely. They pose a threat to all humans.

The game’s background is a landscape of mountains, palm trees, and a soft sunset. The graphics are basic and offer few details. Although the theme is unique, they remain original. The reels, the paytable, and the command bar take up the rest of the screen. This hides some other elements.

Jurassic Jackpot is a classic slot machine game. If you’re a fan, you can’t wait to learn how it works. This will be addressed in the next part of our review.

Start your hunt

Jurassic Jackpot can be played in a very straightforward manner. Let’s go over the basic rules. They are easy to understand.

There is only one payline on the three reels. It runs right down the middle. The winning combinations must land on this line to be considered and to receive a cash reward. This depends on the symbols and the size of your wager. Change your bet using the command bar located below the reels. You can return to these settings as often as you want to change your chance.

The golden rule in Jurassic Jackpot states that while a higher bet may seem riskier, it will also result in greater rewards. The bet max button permits you to place the highest bet possible. If you use this option, you may only have one chance to win the jackpot.

Tracking the Beasts

The Jurassic Jackpot paytable contains a good array of reel symbols but focuses primarily on the values of the combinations available in the game.

The symbols include a tropical red flower, bar signs of single, double, or triple size, a dinosaur skeleton, and a silhouette of a second dinosaur that is still alive.

Your bet settings will determine the rewards you receive. You can choose to bet 1 or 2 coins for each spin. Your tips will change accordingly. In the next section, we’ll take a closer at this and the unique features of Jurassic Jackpot.

Reap the rewards

Most winning combinations consist of three identical icons, although some exceptions exist.

For example, the flower symbols can be combined with other characters to create a mixed combination worth up to ten times your original bet. Bar signs can also be mixed freely to pay a 10x cash prize.

It is also worth mentioning that the logo of the game, which shows a silhouetted dinosaur on an orange backdrop, has two distinct features. The most valuable symbol in the game pays up to 1600x your bet when it is lined up correctly. It also acts as a wildcard. You can use it to replace other symbols to create more combinations. A wild will also instantly double the value of any winning line. If you add two wilds to the mix, your cash prize will be quadrupled.

The game is still fun and rewarding despite the simple graphics Jurassic Jackpot, a classic slot machine game, has some extra features to make it fun. The cash rewards will grow as you play the reels.

Prepare yourself for an epic hunting experience with high stakes and to face off with some of the most powerful animals on the planet. You will make it both alive and significantly richer.

Jurassic Park Gold Slot Review

Win dinosaur-sized jackpots by playing the Jurassic Park Gold online slot. Play four free spin rounds to win big prizes and double-stacked multiplier Wilds. Link & Win is activated when you land the power balls. Jurassic Park Gold is available at the best online casino sites for real money. You can win up to 8,000x what you bet.

Meet the Characters

Microgaming’s Jurassic Park Gold is a slot machine game based on the movie. Fill the slot’s five reels with characters such as Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie. Power balls and fossil scatter symbols can trigger top features. Play Jurassic Park Gold on iOS, Android, or desktop.

Play 40 Paylines and Win Combos

Play the Jurassic Park Gold Slot Machine and win winning combinations on 40 paylines—bet between 0.50 and 30 coins per spin. Check out the Jurassic Park Gold paytable to see the top prizes you can win.

Win a Mega Jackpot

Three to five matching symbols are required to win the Jurassic Park Gold slot machine. Double-stacked multipliers and 2x-5x the base game symbol can be substituted for base symbols to help you create more winning combinations and larger prizes.

You can win an instant reward if you land three, four, or five scatter fossil symbols. Then you’ll play four dinosaur-themed features. You can choose the Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, or T-Rex and win up to 5,000x what you bet.

You can trigger the Link & Win Feature if you hit six power balls or more on any single spin. Re-spin the reels as often as possible to collect as many cash values as possible. Fill in extra rows to be eligible for one of four jackpot prizes. You can win up to 8,000x the amount you bet by playing the Jurassic Park Gold Slot Machine at the best online casino.

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Enter the Park

After reading our Jurassic Park Gold Review, you can now enter the park to hunt for big wins in our recommended online casino. Double-stacked multiplier Wilds and four free rounds are yours to reap. Link & Win will reward you with a jackpot of 8,000x the bet if you trigger it.

Play Jurassic Park Gold online for free or with real money. Below you can play more Microgaming slots.