I still remember the time when my uncle gave me this Mowgli t-shirt that has written jungle on it. And I used to wear it for weeks and all this happened because of my love towards to this jungle theme Disney show. And this same bond of mine with the jungles made me try this online slot game this last week.Jungle 7 Online Slot

The name of the slot machine was the jungle 7s itself. It is a pretty popular slot machine designed by micro gaming and comes with 3 reels of symbols, single payline and a low range of available wagers. And the best part is that it can be enjoyed at most of the top online casino of Australia.

So when I heard about the pokie, I decided to play it as well and for that I made the instant download of the app in my android phone. Although there was the instant play option as well but I preferred going for the offline version as it is believed that if you want to have the better gaming experience rather than just money making then you must always opt for the offline version.

It being a progressive jackpot, I opted for the real money version since the beginning, otherwise my won jackpot willJungle 7 Online Slot be going in vain, but with the real money option I could add them to take them to the next level to win the progressive jackpots. And it came out as a real smart move later as I won some consecutive jackpots and accumulate them later to win the big amount of money. I really liked the plot and would love to play it again in future.