Jester Jackpot2 years ago when I traveled to Australia I played this classic slot machine called Jester jackpot there and today is the day that I haven’t liked any other slot than I did this one. Being an orthodox kind of person I don’t really like breaking the traditions and all. And this one being a classic slot that is based also on the medieval theme,I just couldn’t stop liking it and even now, whenever I get bored or something from the work and all, I play this epic slot and get back to work with full energy again. When it comes to liking this pokie, I certainly have my reason that I adore this one very much, very first I would like to share that I played it with my passed wife, the love of my when we were on a holiday trip to Australia.

I mean this could be the major reason why I am attached with the same slot this much. And when it comes to other Jester Jackpotreason I must say it’s the simplest classic slot machine that comes with just 3 reels and single pay line, and the most basic possible arrangement of reels and lines that even a new player can manage pretty easily and the pay table rules are also not that complex.

So these were the main reasons I could tell of liking this slot very much and i also believe that it would never happen that I would prefer some other slot over this one, it’s really remind me of her and I really can’t let her go of my life.