This last night I was having some great difficulties in getting asleep because I had this insomnia few years back. Although it was almost cured, but it keep coming back once or twice in a years and this was the same night and I was very worry with it. In order to cope up I tried different things which could make me sleep, but nothing was really working and I was getting bored as I had nothing to do in the middle of the night.

After giving the situation a thought I came out with an idea of calling my new friend from the top floor of my apartment who is kind of a cool guy, who used to sleep late at night. So I called him and luckily he was not sleeping by then, so he invited me at his place as he was kind of busy doing something.

When I went there, he was there lying on his couch drinking beer and doing something with his mobile phone and when I asked he told me that he has been playing these Australian online casino slots that have really become a rage now a days. And since I have already about them so I took the interest and persuade him to teach me how to play these online slot machines.

So he told me that he has been playing this slot called Jackpot express. He told me that it is a basic slot and the perfect one to start playing slots. It composed of five pay line titles that include an easy to read payout schedule, a wild symbol, and a classic online slot with just 3 reels and not the complex system. So I played the same slot for the whole and really had a great time playing it and now I have been thinking to play it with the real money and looking forward to make some bucks out of it as well.