What could be the better way to surprise people than giving them jack in the box? And today I will be talking about this online casino slot of Australia designed by microgaming that has also got so many features that will certainly surprise you. As you must have seen that this plot has been mixed with so many things before like the toys, music, application, knight, breakfast menu, divination cards and burger, the theme has always been a hit and the outcome also has always been nice as well.

Well, today I am not here to talk about the rest but only the classic slot machine that rules the hearts of players and the name of the slot is also Jack in the Box. It is a 3 reel, 1 pay line poker machine gambling that has been on the top for a long time. It got the top fixed jackpot worth 5000 coins and as the name indicates the jack in the box is certainly the wild symbol of the game. When any of them appears on the pay line and makes a winning combination, it pays out with a multiplier set the two time of the original win.

So, after knowing all the pros and cons about the pokie, I decided to give it a try myself. And for that I made the instant download of the app in my android mobile phone and luckily when I was making the download I got this no deposit bonus option as well. And to take the free trial of the slot I arranged some spin from my friend and after playing it for some time I went for the real money version too. With the paid credits I hit few jackpots as well and earned made some bucks as well.