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I believe touching the sky has been every kid’s fantasy and so it was mine as well. Small helium gas balloons always made me wonder that how they get up and could I also get up with it? Riding a hot air balloon was my ultimate fantasy back then.  After few years, when I become elder and it’s feels like all dreams and fantasy vanishes and now I am working person with lot of busy schedule and not able to decide to such things in my spare time. So, when I gone through the web I got online casino games where you can play free and win real money and many amazing prizes.

And being an Australian I got the chance of riding a hot air balloon pretty easily as there are plenty of arrangements that can give you the pleasure of sight seeing the major cities like Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, gold Coast, Adelaide and others from the giant balloon itself.

And today I will be talking about the same casino slot that is based on this popular theme, which is also one of the most popular hangouts of Australia as well. And the name of the slot is the hot air. It is five reels and thirty pay lines slot machine. And it is believed that it’s not a good fit for pokies players that want to place high roller bets and believed to best option that are beginners and just rolling in to the gambling industry.

As I am also a layman in the gambling world, I also wished to start the career with same pokie and before start playing it. I wished to read the reviews of the pokie machine and also checked the ratings of it on some genuine casino forums with the tutorial videos on YouTube as well.

And finally I made the app downloaded on my iPhone, the app was easily available on the store and I didn’t have to bother to search it. I played the game for someday with the free play option and when I got savvy with it, I went for the real money version as well and make some bucks out of it as well.